Rwanda Mountain Gorillas

About 700 of the remaining gorilla population on earth are only found in two places; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda and in the Virunga Volcanic Mountains. Of these, 365 of them are located in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. These Mountain species have longer and darker hair as compared to all other species. This allows them to leave in both cold and hot areas. A male is called a silverback due to the red hair which develops at its back due to age. An adult silverback can weigh up to 250 kg while a female adult weighs half the weight of the male. However, new-born weighs about 1.8 kg and feeds on its mother’s milk. In addition, it also rides on its mothers back for the first few months.

Gorillas are vegetarians and feed mostly on leaves, flowers, stems, roots, fruits, barks and insects. The Rwandan mountain species are found in the montane forest of the Virunga Volcanoes. They are in the three main dormant volcanoes of Visoke, Mikeno and Karisimbi. These slopes are covered with dense vegetation and thick forest which provides adequate food for the endangered animals. They live in stable family groups where the silverback is the head of the family. In the case where a female mother dies, the silverback is the one who takes care of young ones allowing them to share his nest at night. These groups relocate to different places within the forest in search of food.

There is a traditional naming ceremony for the new-born gorillas held each year in Rwanda. It is during this ceremony that a fundraising is held to help in the protection of these animals. The Rwandan species were threatened during the civil war of between 1992 and 1994. Poachers did not spare this animals and people also took refuge in the forest destroying it for farming and timber. This decreased the animals’ food forcing them to move to Virunga Volcano Region. In addition, since the primates have not developed immunity to resist human diseases, a number of them also died due to human contamination.

In order to protect these animals from human contamination, visitors are requested to stay at least seven meters away from them. In addition, sick people are not allowed into their habitat as this could result in more deaths. The time allowed to view these mammals is one hour and only eight visitors are allowed in each group. Other preventive measures include no spitting, no eating or drinking in their habitats. You should also not make loud noises so as to avoid scaring them. A final warning is that you should avoid looking directly into the gorilla eyes, or even beating your chest to avoid being harmed by the silverback.

A Brief Introduction to Gorillas and Their Continued Fight For Survival

I have always been really drawn to the beautiful Gorilla, they are astounding creatures which have many similar characteristics to man. Gorillas are big, gentle, shy apes that have their habitat in the continent of Africa. Gorillas have been made to look like monsters by the film industry in the past but are in fact quiet, shy, peaceful vegetarians. These highly intelligent animals are at risk to extinction due to the massive deforestation of their habitats.

Gorillas that for whatever reason have been placed in captivity have shown a great deal of intelligence learning sign language from people and have been able to form simple sentences and communicate with people. Only Gorillas in captivity that have been taught have shown any ability with tools this doesn’t mean to say they haven’t used them in the wild just that they haven’t been observed.

As I mentioned earlier Gorillas are mainly quite animals but they communicate with each other using many complicated sounds and gestures this is normally to teach the young the many skills needed to survive and to communicate to other gorillas about social relationships, food, warning etc. Gorillas are mainly herbivores, though occasionally they will eat termites and ants. The moisture they receive from the vegetation they eat is enough to rarely need a drink of water, which isn’t that amazing if you think that a normal male gorilla eats about 50 pounds of food a day.

The work to ensure that the gorillas habitats is not completely destroyed has been undertaken by many people over the years and now due to the many Gorilla safaris that now bring money into the areas, specifically to see the beautiful gorilla the need for protection for these magnificent animals is much more important. Many of these companies provide opportunities to go mountain gorilla tracking in the many parks in the area, but this is on a permit basis to ensure the gorillas aren’t disturbed to much. The habitat has allowed these companies to also offer wildlife safaris which ensures that interest and funding keeps coming into the areas.

Once upon a time the Gorillas would have lived in the trees but they have evolved into living on the ground mainly living at the forests edge and near clearings within the rainforests. The life span of a wild gorilla is around 35 years, but animals that are placed in captivity have been known to live till around 50.

By around 10 or 12 years of age gorillas are able to mate, the gestation period of a female gorilla is around 8 to 9.5 months and will have around 3 babies in their lifetime. The newly born baby is normally half the weight of a human baby. Seeing a Gorilla mother raising her young is very much like that of a human mother with much care and affection. Young gorillas once weaned build there own nests near to there mothers and will eventually leave there side at about 3 to 4 years of age.

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